Tuesday, April 14, 2009

#18 -♥- Pulp Juice (Hot Buttered Soul)

Another installment of Hot Buttered Soul on CFCR 90.5FM, @iamkhayyam and I'll be the one dropping the beats for your pleasure dome.

I really dig movie soundtracks. They always come up with the most interesting ways to support the drama, action and mood of their guest appearances. There are some that I don't recognize, others that are favorites and the remainder becoming new loved tracks.

So today I thought to prepare a soundtrack that would support a little mix of 'my movie' soundtrack. I mixed in 3 tablespoons of Shaft, 1 part Pulp Fiction, 2 cups of Ocean's 11 with a side of Swingers. After that came to boil, strain in colander and start on the seasoning. Fry up some cumin in some oil, add a little Detroit pepper, some Harlem spice, Salinas sauce, and don't forget the two most important ingredients... soul & love.

Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band | Harlem Underground Band | Herbie Hancock | Ike & Tina Turner | Sly Stone | The Blackbyrds | Lightin' Rod | Salinas | The Pointer Sisters | Soul Searchers | Pleasure | Dr. Teeth & The Electric Mayhem
The titles are in the flow somewhere and if you listen along then you can play along - the name of the game is Name That Tune! ;)

Pulp Juice

I asked the Universe
what can you bring me?
Smokin cheeba cheeba
ain't gonna do a damn thing.
Then the answer found me:
Hang up your hang ups.

Took one bold soul sister
to finish my crossword puzzle,
instead I played the runaway
Turned it into a sport,
called is Straussmania.

Don't it drive you crazy how many
times you gots to blow your whistle?
What can I say?!

Then she said, "Souls, sacred contracts,
and new moons. All filled with magic,
and all greater than we could know."

Joyous! The sun shines and
the band sings Mahna! Mahna!

@iamkhayyam and that was a movie soundtrack for your daily funkifiedness on Hot, Buttered Soul.

Some past excursions for your listening pleasure...

Thursday, April 09, 2009

It Took Me 25 Minutes To Design My Ultimate Business Card

I was battling what I should do for a personal card. I've always had two or three different cards to represent myself in different circles. And I think I've branded myself on Twitter quite well, so got me thinking...As of today, these bad boys are off to the printer!! And I have to say that I was fully fueled and pumped up to do so after watching this riveting delivery of whatever you want to call this?!  Joel Bauer cooks up some awesome! He's on point on so many different levels. 

It Took Joel Bauer 25 Years To Design His Ultimate Business Card

This took me less than 25 minutes from top to bottom. From making it, to finding an FSC certified printer that used soy inks to uploading the files. Boom badda bing. You can still make an impact and be memorable without having to go with the glam. Simple is sometimes better. And this card simply communicates what I need it to and connects me into my hub which reaches to all facets of me, very 3.o isn't it?! ;) I just saved myself 24 years and a lot of change left in my life to enjoy, think about something else, and move on.

Charities are always swell to think of.... how about this one? 12for12k.org

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Topify this!

A quick screencast on a lovely service offered by Topify. A more robust way of having your new followers fall into your mailbox. Makes for some easy pickins'. Injoy.

A simple click of reply and send - you're now following! Simple as pie.

Check it out here: Topify

Monday, April 06, 2009

#followFriday is dumb...

Yup, I said it. It's dumb. My prescription is to another means of 'helping' people get to know one another and that is by way of #imjustfollowing. What does that mean?!

Watch the video, listen to me whine and then learn a new way to truly connect and help people get linked up.
Recommendations go a long way...

If you're still wondering, the format that I follow is as follows:
#imjustfollowing @imjustcreative Why?! He's the reason this exists. Bloody brilliant chap over the pond who's spanks out lovely logos #solid
#imjustfollowing @mmcgovern Why?! Day one those windows spoke volumes of kindness. Amazing eye for photos & always there with a sweet tweet
And that is the way in which I name drop 'round these parts. Doesn't that make a big difference in helping you realize who it is you should actually be following?! If I saw descriptions like these, I'd gladly follow. Those are amazing people and a little blurb to let you know. So use the #followfriday tag to recommend if you want (I'm just partial to the meaning behing the one I use), and do it with the intention to recommend an individual with a reason to follow. Shows that you actually took the time to care, any monkey can cut and paste. For all I care, make up your own. The message under all of this is to genuinely recommend another for someone else's benefit. It's all about interacting and connecting, no? Let's do it with efficiency and detail ;)

Some delightful and insightful ways of finding people are as follows:
  • #imjustfollowing - no fancy site, just a search result in twitter of mostly my recommendations and a few others
  • #MrTweet - for a comprehensive recommendation with a reason :)
and if you're new to the game, you can vote for your prom king and queen at the following #followfriday dances:

And just remember: Twitter Is Not A Competition

What it can be used for is to give back to what you may or may not know you've taken from; it's ok, we all do it but we all don't recognize to give back. So for one moment, give thanks to everything that surrounds you. You've been blessed to receive all that you have and in order to receive one must learn to give. So remember to visit 12for12k.org (raising $12,000 for a different charity for each month) and give/donate/support to a better cause than popularity.

A cause for something that really affects change.


Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Just for today...

And make sure to leave a comment for your chance to win this shirt!

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