Monday, July 31, 2006

The day of departure...

The day of departure has come and gone. The best I can do is paint a picture for you.

Saturday was filled with a garage sale. You have to be willing to let things go in order for anything else to come in to your life or a more familiar saying would be close one door another one will open.

Making the list and checking it twice was the motto. It was a peaceful chaos preparing everything for my departure. Friends continued to pour in sharing their love with my mother and me. It was quite amazing how many of my friends offered their love, support, company and even children with my mother in lieu of my absence. Gifted to me were books for my journey that will be recycled in my journey to those that need them. So thank you to those that know.

My mother by my side at the airport, exuding strength I have never experienced before provided me to go on this excursion with confidence that my family and I are well supported in this universe. She poured out all of her love with that amazing smile that can make you feel like you are excellence. Can't help but have an ear-to-ear grin on your face.

That left me warm and cutting beads of sweat down each temple (possibly a foreshadowing of a haircut?! ;) and then the text message appeared on my phone. Look outx.

I looked out only to experience that feeling of excellence once again. The most stunning soul that I've known for ever came racing in to take me in for a moment. It was just that moment that I could live a lifetime in. In that moment I finally accepted that Love is My Religion.

A great way to begin...

I Am Excellence

I bear the flame that enlightens the
world. I fire the imagination. I give
might to the dreams and wings to the
aspirations of men.

I create all that is good, stalwart, and
long-lasting. I build for the future by
making my every effort superior today.

I do not believe in "can't" or
"might have been."

When society draws a circle that will
shut me out, I will design my own circle
that will draw me in.

I am parent of progress, the creator
of creativity, the designer of opportunity,
and the molder of human destiny.

Because of me, man hold dominion
over himself, his home, his community,
and his world. I leash the lightning and
plumb the ether.

From out of the shadows of the past
I come wearing the scars of mistakes
made by others. Yet I wear wisdom
and the contributions of all ages. I dispel
yesterday's myths and find today's facts.
I am ageless and timeless.

I have no time for vice, crime, and
destruction. I banish mediocrity and
discourage being average. I can function
in pleasure or pain. I can steel the will
to do what must be done. Fortunate are
the individuals, communities, and
nations that know me.

Men and the world are my workshops.
Here I stir ambition, forge ideals, and cre-
ate the keys that open the door to worlds
never dreamed of. Earth awakes unfolding
to me. Life is always calling me. My
greatest success is yet to be discovered.

I am the source of creation, the outlet of
inspiration, the dream of aspiration. I
am excellence. Won't you, too, light my
candle? Don't let me flicker away!

Marva Collins
from Values

Monday, July 24, 2006

Less than a week...

I just realized I had a blogger still in existence. So here I will document my journey as frequently as I can.

I recently was in Pakistan and snapped many a picture which are available for viewing here.
To the left is just one of the many beautiful pictures of Pakistan and my family.


Till then...

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