Saturday, July 05, 2008

Bachi ball bomber...

This weekend I was introduced to Bachi Ball. I'd never heard of it before and seems like a perfect twist on the sweater vest and white pant titivated look of lawn bowling. I've always been fascinated in enjoying a slow roll with some gentlemen on some of God's green earth. Bachi removes the gentlemen and adds a cast full of the world's gamut. Doesn't matter who you are, skill level or level of gentlemanly conduct. So it's the perfect past time one can give energy to.

The way in which I learned the game is that there is on ball, named the 'pion' (we pronounce it, pee'-ohn-n with a really bad French Canadian accent) that you initially throw. This sets the goal for the round of where you need to get your bachi balls closest to. The closest to the 'pion' gets a point, if you hit the pion regardless of winning the round, that's right... you get a point. There are other ways where if you have more than one bachi closest you get the points according to how many you got closer than the opponent.

Now, I was going up against an albatross with a wing span long enough that he could place the balls beside the pion. A self proclaimed champion of pion took to the grass. Quickly I learned that the imperfections in the lawn were hazards to rolling the bachi. And for some reason or another I went with the overhand underhand technique that would allow me to pinpoint with laser accuracy the 'pion'. I was born for this sport ;)

That evening I was out for dinner reminiscing about the bachi tournament. There was this one fellow, a bit boisterous in nature interjected and wondered what level I played at. Oh, this was a funny moment... smarmily I replied "Professionally" with an air of regality. The charade ran on and managed to convince this guy that I was indeed a professional bachi player on tour. My next big tournament was the tournament in the West Indies. The best of the best were going to be there and the winner would get to walk away with a cool 50 large. It was interesting to observe how people treated me once that they perceived me as a pro bachi player ;)

Like I said before, it's something that anyone can play and you'll have a blast doing it. It's no cardio workout or anything, it just brings people together in fun and games for a couple of hours... sharing, laughing... enjoying the outdoors.

Next on the list of sweat inducing exercise and sport... bowling. Once I get my jump suit, it's all over... rollin on the tens with some heat ;)

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