Tuesday, March 17, 2009

#16 -♥- Mind Grapes Don't Forget

I'm down in Austin, TX at the #sxsw festival and have stayed up all night working and putting this lil' here mix together for all y'all.

Yes, this is Hot Buttered Soul and @iamkhayyam.

The melange of this fine Irish day consists of some of my favorites in the soul department. Had to be resourceful since I didn't have my usual Tickle Trunk of Funk with me. A nice little mellowly stroll through the clovers and gold coins that fall from the sky today! Erin go Bragh ;)

Joining me today in the mix are the fat cats of melodious vibeology:
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 | The O'Jays | Michael Jackson | Herman Kelly | Gwen McRae | Chaka Khan | Randy Crawford | Marlena Shaw | Bootsy Collins | Ohio Players | Chocolate Milk | The Stylistics | Stevie Wonder | Kook & The Gang

Mind Grapes Don't Forget

For what it's worth, time in & time out,
I give the people what they want.

You're that lovely one that allows me
to dance to the drummer's beat.

No doubt that 90% of me is you because
that's some love when you gimme the night.

You bring out the best in me girl
and to be with you fuels my fire.
I only wish I had a time machine
with the pieces I know now.

For once in my life I finally
get it. The summer madness.

and that was a piece of my soul on Hot, Buttered Soul.

Some past excursions for your listening pleasure...

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