Wednesday, September 03, 2008

002_Hot, Buttered Soul...

Here was my line up for the second round of Hot Buttered, Soul - a show on CFCR 90.5FM in Saskatoon. It's a community radio station that has music that find a discerning listener like myself listenin ;)

The inspiration in this set was that of a recycled nature. The songs here have been sampled by urban artists in the past decade. They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Well, I'm flattered to have the following people join me:

The O'Jays | Galt McDermott | Joe Cocker | Otis Redding | Bob James | Johnny Pate | Ann Pebbles | Ramon Morris | Johnny Hammond | Lakeside | Instant Funk | Eugene Wild | Betty Davis

The titles are in the flow somewhere and if you listen along then you can play along - the name of the game is Name That Tune! ;)
Some people try to fool you...

For the love of money, I'd have to say,

That a woman is sweeter any day.
Schleping from woman to woman,
Is hard to handle like that of a Nautilus.

You can't even walk in the park,
Fools being foolish, I pity the fool.
Don't ask me what comes next,
After shifting gears there's nothing left.

What is to follow through after is
Nothing less than a fantastic voyage.

I got my mind made up,
I gotta get you home tonight.
Your mama wants ya back.
Mission accomplished. Sights are set, the goal is within reach.
Over ;)

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