Friday, September 26, 2008

I feed when the sun goes down...

I am the undead. Feeding when the sun goes down, going to sleep when the sun comes up. The only missing thing here is a serious blood lust and a coffin. I'm coming around the corner on the last few days of fasting. I can honestly say that I don't care very much for fasting anymore. I set out to fast for a lunar month just to see if I could do it. And I'm doing it.

My schedule has been flipped turned upside down and all I seem to be doing is sitting in front of a computer. I rarely go outside, feeling like I don't have enough energy stored in order to go and I prefer to have the blinds drawn when I'm inside. All I can do is immerse myself in developing a creative source for my energies to flow towards and through.

That means I withdraw from what surrounds me and I get enveloped in a world of thought. My head has been going over this and that with analysis on each pass only to regurgitate the information reducing it down to a more efficient use and then a millisecond later, I continue ;) Even when I finally would lay my head down to meet the pillow, there was still a charge left sparking synapses and engaging my train.

This creative and entrepreneurial train runs every once in a while and when it does there 'salways some last minute passengers that come along for the ride. I've never seen any family member on the train with me, but lo and behold, all that is drops a beautiful gift of support from the heavens to give me some coal to get the locomotive chugging. Like the guests in my house, I've got some space to share with some strangers and some, not-so strange. It's a ride, I know my journey is what's important... just sitting back to take notice of some moments of transition and potential that is finally being realized and met.

Tallyho pinkerton...

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