Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Astronomically astrological apathy...

Those that know me know that I roll with a certain kind of flow. I do certain things and like to have things done in a certain way, this I'm hundred person certain. Exampla gratia like every Sunday I would check the horoscope section in the Sun, you know, the one written by Holiday Mathis that tells me:
You're so charming now, you can get to know anyone you want or need to know. There are lots of open invitations on the table throughout the week -- you're both giving them and receiving them, and they mean very little. Make specific requests with a time and date attached. That's how new relationships really start.
That's the first time in about six weeks I actually cared enough to read it, to be open to another perspective. My apathy towards all that is became all that wasn't. Not a good place to be in when you haven't eaten in a month ;)

Today something changed.

I've realized how much time I've spent by myself and how neglectful I've been to the rest of the world. My melancholy spilleth over and my friends, all few of them, have witnessed a rather uninspired individual. Well inspiration came through today and I am thankful to have had the perspective tweaked by that whom is capable of tweaking it in such a way that I can't begin to even comprehend. Thank you.

It reminds me of the conversation between Govinda, a son of a brahmin, with Siddhartha:
"We have learned a lot, Siddhartha, there is still much to learn. We are not going around in circles, we are moving up, the circle is a spiral, we have already ascended many a level."
It sometimes feels as if we are going around in circles, chasing our own tail if you will, and rather, it's a continual pathway that unfolds. From my experience, when I've absolutely given up on something... completely let go and accepted that it wasn't in the stars; I find that what ever it was that I was focusing on that frustrated me so is no longer and I'm well supported in ways I wasn't expecting.

I noticed that my breath went from shallow and apathetic to a inspired one with fresh air and faith and hope and courage... a deep feeling within me to continue doing what I'm doing.

Something feels right all right...

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