Thursday, April 09, 2009

It Took Me 25 Minutes To Design My Ultimate Business Card

I was battling what I should do for a personal card. I've always had two or three different cards to represent myself in different circles. And I think I've branded myself on Twitter quite well, so got me thinking...As of today, these bad boys are off to the printer!! And I have to say that I was fully fueled and pumped up to do so after watching this riveting delivery of whatever you want to call this?!  Joel Bauer cooks up some awesome! He's on point on so many different levels. 

It Took Joel Bauer 25 Years To Design His Ultimate Business Card

This took me less than 25 minutes from top to bottom. From making it, to finding an FSC certified printer that used soy inks to uploading the files. Boom badda bing. You can still make an impact and be memorable without having to go with the glam. Simple is sometimes better. And this card simply communicates what I need it to and connects me into my hub which reaches to all facets of me, very 3.o isn't it?! ;) I just saved myself 24 years and a lot of change left in my life to enjoy, think about something else, and move on.

Charities are always swell to think of.... how about this one?


  1. those look cool.

  2. This is awesome!


  3. cool but not original.

  4. Tell me something I don't know. Everything in this world has been regurgitated and mashed up. Including that chip you got on your shoulder mate.

    Perhaps you should have looked further into the post and seen the motivation behind why it was that I regurgitated an ok idea and made it better. [cue video]

    That card communicates certain things and mine others. If I wanted someone to Google me, I would have used the template that is provided to make my own Google card.

    Ya... I'm sure when Nike made their running shoe... someone sent them a letter with a picture of a pair of Adidas and said cool, but not original - lmao!!

    What if I asked Jeeves? He's back on the scene... he'll know!!

    Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Awesome idea - really original way of seeing your business card - I love it !

  6. Quite clever, although I don't know how Twitter feels about it and it seems that this would be more effective for Twitter employees.

  7. I would imagine that nattering naybobs would probably not dig my twitter pic (@meshmarketer), but it gets the goods across to people and that's what matters. You meet someone in an airport, you meet someone at the bar, you meet someone at this or that and what do you leave them with? If they are so judgmental that they want to tear down what you offer, then they are better off in their own world. Good riddance! But if you can slow down and consider why someone would offer what they do in the form of a business card or something as carefully thought out as a twitter background, then you can get to know them and that is what Social Media is all about.

  8. That guy's card looks like a fancy coaster. I prefer yours, if not just for the time management aspect alone! ;)

  9. I love this card! Very creative and very 3.0!

  10. Wonder if any copyright laws are enfringed by this...?

    Just a thought.

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  12. I'm sorry, but I just don't feel that it is that creative...

    //Beth @ the Phoenix Graphic Design

  13. Smart one. I'm all for simple and effective


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