Saturday, August 05, 2006

The day of arrival...

I am in Pakistan. I arrived after a grueling thirteen hours of flight at an altitude of 35,000 feet and land speed of approximately 960 km/h. I only slept for an hour so currently have been awake for more than a couple of days.

Upon arriving at my baji (sister) Naheed's house I ventured over to Fortress Bazar where I had the most interesting interations with people. The security guard was baffled as to how my hair stayed in a pony tail, shopkeepers complemented my on my unique style and the rest just laughed at the funniest thing they've ever seen.

I came back to the house to have a little rest only to go to Ichra Bazar. This is where I was fully entertained and where I fully entertained. Shopkeepers couldn't help but smile or laugh hysterically at my appearance. It was received with a big smile from me. The most memorable comment was given by a young boy riding by on a bike, the translation goes "It looks like a bomb went off in your hair". That made my night. ;)

Till next time. Same blog channel, same blog time.

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