Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Handled bars...

I am off tomorrow morning to India. I'll be heading to Amritsar, home of the famed Golden Temple.

I am leaving a world of comfort and family and swapping it for a world of solitude amongst millions. *Just watch out for those pickpockets, people who offer you drinks because they are drugged and then they will rob you blind when you are knocked out, shave your face or else they throw you behind bars as soon as you cross* Just a few of myriad advices that I have received all from loving people. I assure you all that I will be fine. Everyone who has tabs on me will continue to do so - just not as often now ;)

Now I'm off to go make some beauty pageant winner's dream come true... world peace ;)


  1. The only reason I remembered Amritsar had the Golden Temple when I read your entry was because I'd recently re-watched Bride & Prejudice over the weekend and the Bennetts of the film (the Bakshis) live in Amritsar. :D

    The movie is also why I had hoped to see elephants in the wedding somehow. ROFL. Too bad on the no elephants thing, no? :P

  2. You should also check out a movie called Rang De Basanti http://www.rangdebasanti.net/

    A fantastic movie and it too has the Golden Temple in it.

    Unfortunately I did not get to go this round.

  3. Where can I find the movie? Is it out on DVD? I will look for it next time I near a video store. :)

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. You might have to seek out 'A Little India' store with copies of the dvd. Guaranteed they'll have it.

    And if you do find yourself in one of these stores, also pick up a movie called Iqbal.


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