Sunday, August 13, 2006


The weekend brought the split of all the travelling companions. Team Saskatoon was flying out of Rawalpindi Saturday and the remaining G8 made their way to Lahore. They were departing out of Lahore for their respective homes. I found myself amongst family in Rawalpindi. This blood that runs common through our veins bonds us in a way I have never experienced. The love pours from these individuals with unconditional love. And of course, the teasing begins. It's the way we all show our love for one another which resembles how our crew of gentlemen from Toon operate.

I was accompanying my two eldest of niece's to the to the Saddar bizar. We procured an outfit for me to match with the rest of the gents. Then it was off to pick out jewellery for the ladies, then some shoes and finally to the gold store to pick up the bride's jewellery. I have to tell you that the jeweller in this particular store was right out of a movie or novel. Older gentleman with salt and pepperish hair, glasses hanging off of his nose while chewing what I could only imagine to be tobacco. His fingers stained red from placing them in his stained mouth and while in mid sentence would spit out into his spittoon a glob of reddish brown garbage. His clothes were covered in stains from where he would wipe his hands as he carefully weighed out the gold to calculate the cost. This all took place in an area named Gulnoor.

Then back to house to enjoy the dolka drum being beaten with song and laughter. I am most comfortable around everyone and they are the same with me, still teasing me about being called a woman and suggesting I cover my head when the prayers were being called. Gotta love family ;)

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