Saturday, August 05, 2006

Mehndi ceremony...

I woke up at two this afternoon to my surprise. I must have needed the rest. I called up Safwan to see what the programme would be. He was at Fortress Bazar with Reid and his fiance Darci. So I quickly had some breakfast and rushed over. It was a nice experience to have Saskatoon rolling through Lahore and representing well.

This evening was the Mehndi ceremony. This was somewhat new to me (since I've been referred to as a coconut ;) and arrived early. I waited for the groom's side to arrive and meanwhile was adorned a yellow scarve representing the bride's side. It is quite the honor to know both sides of the marriage. I saw Safwan's mom outside so I joined her. Shortly after that the groom and his mates arrived and I joined them. I traded in my yellow scarf for the green and yellow of the groom. It was quite the scene. All the groom's side gathers outside while dola players (traditional percussion wedding group) introduced us. Flowers were thrown at us as our procession entered the venue. Shortly after that the bride's side rolls on through with the exception of carrying the bride in a carriage of sorts. She is hauled to the front where they unveil her and she joins her groom. Then the competition begins. I was completely unaware of it, but the groom's side competes with the bride's side in dance and song. Quite the scenario.

I saw Safwan's mother and father in middle of all the chaos dancing away. Then it hit me. My father will never be able to see my wedding and it brought tears to me. I know he'll witness it, but it was still the fact that he could not join in the song, the dance and the love. I ran into my khalla Nahid from Saskatoon at this moment and she just hugged me with such motherly love that I was really missing. I wish my mother was here with me to enjoy in this but she will at least get to welcome Erum and Safwan in Saskatoon.

It was then that youth came to the rescue - kids always bring out the best in us, and tonight was no different. It was Safwan's nephew who wanted to dance/challenge me, so I did. I finally let go and enjoyed myself. It was an odd combination of desi styles and mine. Afterwards, Nayyar aunty's side all came up to me with praise and love. I was adorned a wreath of flowers from Nayyar's cousin which was a great honor.

The night came to a close with a ride back with Safwan and his two nephews that woke me up out of my shyness. Upon arriving at the house, my mom called and I got to share the two evenings with her. With the exception of my feelings and sadness in regards to my father. I wouldn't be there to hold her, hug her or let her know how much I loved her after sharing it, so I kept those feelings to myself.

I don't miss home, I miss my mom. As I wrote that I started laughing... quite the momma's boy I am ;)

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