Sunday, August 13, 2006

Nathia Gali - Act I

Wednesday morning the groom's and bride's mates all piled together to head up to Nathia Gali. This is north into the green mountains of Pakistan. Upon arrival at the Green Resort we hired a horseback guided tour of the mountain side. What a phenomenal experience. For four hours we were on horseback through some of the most beautiful and magnificent mountains. Just before reaching the peak we came across some cows appearing out of the fog and once we reached the peak, nothing but clear skies and sunshine. Our kismut was good that day for this is a rare occurence. We could see the Neelam river and into Kashmir from the top. The experience left me sore and in wonderment. The phrase "top of the world, ma" kept playing over and over in my head. To have shared it with such an amazing group of people made the experience all the more memorable.

After working up an appetite we ventured to the hotel restaurant only to find that we could only order off of the snacks menu. To say the least, the snacks weren't the most wonderful - i'll be honest, it was shit. After not having one meal that day all I wanted was to have some nourishment to fuel my depleted body. Later that evening Paul, Ben and I wandered back to the restaurant to enjoy what was the best meal we've had in Pakistan.

The fullness of the moon graced the mountainside with it's brilliance as we heard the bizar down below going off with song and dance. Every full and new moon I experience, I send to the stars a message to deliver to those I love. I hope they all arrived safe and sound.

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