Sunday, August 13, 2006

Nathia Gali - Act II

Thursday began with sore bodies. Not very many people can move from their sleeping positions so again, it was a limited group for breakfast. I do have to tell you that sharing in this experience with worldly people was a blessing and an honor. The doors have been presented to me and now it is up to me to show some initiative and open the doors to possibilities.

We ventured down to the bizar of Nathia Gali and upon arrival came across Al Khayyam restaurant. The assortment of northernly wear was in abundance. The ladies were all shopping for shawls and I was amazed by their abilities to call the shopowners on their bullshit. So I attempted to try the same except the shopkeeper wasn't full of it, instead he graced me with the most beautiful sandals that I've been in search for. Ingrid and I purchased some apples, mangos and assorted snacks for our travels and stay at the Green Resort. That made the trip feel very much like going to the lake with friends and just enjoying life. I am thankful once again to have experienced these events and opened my eyes of what is to come in India.

The evening was spent on a hike through the mountains by our guide Waheed. This man had the voice of Andre the Giant and looked like one ;) I told him that we thought he could kill a crocodile with his bare hands, he agreed.

We gathered in our front room that evening and rigged up a MacGuver-esque lighting set up so that we could play some cards. I've never really been one to play cards since my addiction to gambling and losing that $120,000 in one hand in Vegas - I swore never to pick up another deck again ;) We confirmed all of our travel arrangements for the following day. We were all heading to Islamabad via Abbottabad.

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