Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Valima...

On Monday the bride's side went to the groom's town, this is called the Valima and took place in Abbottobad. It was a segregated event where the ladies had their tent and the gentlemen had theirs. We were treated to a magnificent singer accompanied by tabla and harmonium. The venue was a place called Shimla Resort which is on the top of Abbottobad. The view was tremendous and you could see all the homes scattered on the hillsides. The moon was almost full and lit up the sky. The night would not have been complete if there wasn't an amazing lightning show to fill the mountainous sky.

Tuesday was a day of relaxing. It involved me being in bed all day and watching Amelie and Modigliani. I relished in not doing a thing. I was also very lucky to have been able to hang out with family in Abbottobad including my khalla-jan (aunt on my mother's side) and her family.

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