Monday, August 28, 2006


It was a dark and stormy night ;) My father always used to joke around with me that he was going to start writing a book that started that way. Well, it actually was a dark and stormy night - the trees had fallen on power lines bringing darkness upon the streets. I walked through the blackness only being guided by the relection of water on the roads that had settled after the storm. The silence which I traversed through was staggering. It was as if under every step I had a cushion of energy that bounced me to the next step effortlessly and effervescently ;)

It was still a dark and stormy night and I couldn't sleep. I have been taken over by something I cannot explain. I relentlessly click myself a creative cyclone. It was coming in from everywhere, concepts that flowed effertlessly from my thoughts.

Made in Pakistan with Love.

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