Thursday, May 31, 2007

Once in a...

Full Sturgeon, Harvest, Hunters, Cold, Wolf, Snow, Worm, Pink, Flower and finally Blue Moon. According the Farmer's Almanac these are the names of all the full moons that I have experienced since acting out The Alchemist. It can be experienced at different times depending on where you are geographically situated. Back home there was a Blue Moon but I won't get it until the end of June.

The phrase, "Once in a blue moon" was noted down many moons ago ;) It usually refers to infrequent occurrences, though not truly rare. Two have two moons in one month is not at all uncommon, it occurs on average, about every 32 months.

I am in Lahore preparing myself to cross over into India once again. I have been working a little bit lately so my time has been spent sweltering in the heat drinking lots of water and keeping my eyes open with toothpicks. I want to finish this project so I can once again decompress and resume flowing.

I've been stuck in my head with plans, thoughts and worry - the quote I keep hearing is "Life happens when you're busy making plans". So I am embracing the real experiences as they come. Ouch... that hurts. Something I only want to hear once in a blue moon...

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