Saturday, June 02, 2007

Point A to Point B

Flowing stream...
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My mission was to get from Point A (Pakistan) to Point B (India) today. Let's just say this mission was much easier than my last mission of getting from Point B to Point A. I got dropped off at the Wagha border, gave some hugs, grabbed a pack and tin can with a maple leaf plastered on the side. Navigating through all the import carriers dressed in a sea of blue made the transition go along even more swimmingly. At the Pakistan side they scanned my passport, took my picture and told me to have a great day. No bag checking, no hassle, no nothing, just free floating and flowing.

I guess it helps when you name drop though ;) I mentioned one of the custom officers and that seemed to make my travel through customs go effortlessly. I got my stamp and I was off with a porter porting my belongings... it was hot and I didn't feel like sweating that much. We arrived at the Indian customs area and again, no problems or issues. However, the Indians checked just my tin box since either it looks suspicious or I do?! ;) Nonetheless, after only fifteen minutes I was officially stamped into India.

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