Monday, June 25, 2007

Right as rain...

The downpour...
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I'm not sure where the saying of 'right as rain' came from but I definitely have yet to experience the right of rain during monsoon season ;) I spent the entire day on a balcony watching the rain as it floated past me, whipped by me, hurtled down to the earth and even slid sideways across the sky. Soft rain, hard rain, pouring rain, mad rain, all of the moods of rain except the right one.

If indeed the saying means that there's nothing at all wrong then I have to agree with it because I am thankful for the opportunities that have presented themselves as challenges in my life as of late. For example, the stress and unneccessary attention I placed on coming down to Goa and escavating my motorcycle, having to find someone to buy it in a the hardest time of the year to sell a bike. It's why I'm down here facing the everpouring rain and having to figure out where the new home for this Enflield is.

Least of my concerns really. I had bigger fish to fry over the past few days. I was graciously taken into the home of a mother and daughter who like to yell for no apparent reason. They had their volume and chaos levels set to 11. Non stop 'belagan' is what I refer to it, absolute chaos. It really pushed my sanity levels and it was difficult to find a peace in that environment. The power went out for nearly two days and that's just a bit too much humidity and disconnection from everything electronic which is almost my I.V. drip feeding me my sustenance.

Let's just say I needed to get out and out I got. I'm now a little bit further south into Goa in one of the major hubs, Mapusa (pronounced Mapsa apparently ;) I'll spend the next few days here and then I'm sure something will happen and I'll do something and then possible go somewhere... we'll see ;)

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