Sunday, May 13, 2007

Flow, don't push...

Karakoram Highway
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Great words of wisdom... and so I followed them. I was presented with a spur of the moment opportunity to make a fourteen hour road journey on the Karakoram Highway to enjoy the majestic wonders of this northern Pakistan. The words 'nature is our ally' kept playing through my head.

The trip to Gilgit began with being introduced to three men whom I've never been acquainted with prior to this high way. A Toyota Landcruiser and three men I don't know from a hole in the ground, this would prove to be an interesting road trip. These men all worked for National Bank of Pakistan and were colleagues with my family. They were quite quiet which was nice for it meant that there was no need for unnecessary or forced conversation. I sat with my thoughts trying to analyze them while being bounced back and forth; not sure if it was the vehicle or me doing it. We drove through Taxila which I had visited recently and the surroundings were comforting and familiar. We drove by the store fronts and passed by the statues/lawn ornaments. There is this one that if I could I would buy and ship back home. No one would understand the purchase and I can already see the heads shaking. It's a cat, rather, a panther sitting on it's hind legs in a royal attentive position with it's mouth open roaring. The exceptional part of this cat is that it is coated with thousands of square cut mirror pieces. I didn't buy it and I won't... stop shaking your heads ;)

As we were driving through Taxila I recognized the man who was moments ago in my thoughts and here he was riding a bike turning onto the main road as we drove by. When we were visiting the Sirsukh remains he was our ominous looking guide who had the most amazing gold rings on his right hand that I took pictures of. Interesting that moments before he only existed as a memory in my head and moments later manifested to cross my path. Power of thought is something else I tell you. I'll try it again... hmmm... right now I'm thinking of something that means the world to me- it's not shoes, so that narrows it down ;)

Mansera was the next town we passed through, or at least tried to. Traffic had been halted due to some construction or repair. We sat there forever, I even saw ants on the road passing us. Finally, Shahid Sahib, the driver, exhibited his exemplary driving skills and maneuvered his way through the bakwas. We were on our way once again. Further up the road we cam to a kebob stand where we placed a drive-thru order... kebobs, check... 7up, check. Let's go. Around half and hour to forty five minutes later we stopped at a very quaint rest stop to enjoy the now cold kebabs, 7up and a spot of tea. Tea was finished and away we go...

Next stop was Dulas for a short pit stop involving more tea and some prayers. A peak of a mountain was the background along with a bridge which was full of kurtas belonging to old men going to and fro. The water rushing by made the most melodic noise and had to just close my eyes and listen. Prayers were finished, tea was barely drank but we were on a schedule. Twisting and turning through the postcard sights, I was now experiencing those postcards. I snapped picture after picture with most of them coming out blurred having been bounced uncontrollably from the debris of landslides. At this point the fatigue and the company of those that missus not to mention the music that jogged my memories allowed me to start wandering into fits of slumber. It was dark out and whenever I would open my eyes and the stars illuminated the sky with dark outlines of the mountains blocking out the twinkling lights. I imagine I will be blown away with the views that I have when I wake...

What a country! ;)

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  1. I love all your mountain photos... reminds me of the mountains around here.


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