Wednesday, May 16, 2007

What a funk...

Upon arrival...
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I can't believe the funk that I had created for myself the last few weeks in Islamabad. I've since done a complete one-eighty and am on top of the world, literally. I am where the three highest mountain ranges in the world converge.

I was delayed in Gilgit one day because I was in such a rush to meet the ride up here that I didn't have time to go to an ATM machine (oh ya, that's right, forgot to mention I have a bank card once again;) I was assured that there was one in Gilgit. There was one but there are two links that exist here, one being for local and the other for international. I was not lucky in that department and couldn't get a cash advance on the plastic because I don't have a PIN for that ;) So lucky I know people in high places. My cousin in Islamabad, Inam (Anjum) works for National Bank of Pakistan and the gentlemen who was hosting me in Gilgit is the Vice-President of the branch. They arranged for a wire transfer of some sorts and that is what I was waiting for. Lucky I am.

So I'm fully stacked with cash and was off to Karimabad in the Hunza Valley. My mom was so happy to hear that I added this to my list of destinations. I spoke with her on the phone and I could feel her smile boom through the phone. I had two gentlemen from the bank escort me to the bus stand and took care of me royally, Habib Sahib and Sheikh Akbar Shah.

When I arrived in Karimabad after a fantastic three hour trip through the valley I was set up with the president of the NBP here in Karimabad. He made sure that I was well taken care. He came along with me to the hotel and spoke on my behalf. Since I was his 'mehman' (guest) the accommodations ended up being free of charge?! I am staying at a very nice place called Park Hotel in Karimabad, so if you're ever in these parts of the woods make sure you stay here ;)

The air here is so fresh, so clean. I feel an amazing power here. I went for a sunset walk through the main bazar and then on the backside of one of the ridges to plot out my course for tomorrow morning. I am going to wake up around five thirty and hike up the mountain side to the Eagle's Nest and enjoy the sun coming over the Golden Peak, Rakaposhi ridge and the rest of the wonderous peaks that are snow covered. I have no set programme for my stay here but Hunza Valley is full of glaciers, mountains, valleys, forts and a bunch of other stuff I will find to occupy my time. Gilgit was beautiful, but this is something else. To stay or not to stay longer... I'm funked if I do, funked if I don't...

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  1. Before any one starts giving me a lecture on having free accommodations, I definitely made sure that all parties involved were thanked properly ;)


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