Monday, April 23, 2007

Suffocating self reliance... (cont'd)

Resting peacefully...
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Headed back into the vehicle which was now loaded up with plants and flowers we made our way to Rawalpindi. Rawalpindi is the home to the resting place of my father. It was time to get what I wanted to do for so long done. I wanted to tend to my father's grave and make sure that it was neat and tidy. Not to mention that I had to have a long overdue conversation with him.

We arrived and I began cleaning up the weeds and the weed from my father's plot. We were in need of water so I sent Shaqeel to procure some. This gave me the time alone to have my conversation. As I was having my discussion I must have said something to anger my father for the winds picked up and in the distance ominous clouds encroached with haste. The wind was picking up all the sand and dirt in it's path and throwing it against my face. I just closed my eyes and continued digging while talking. Lightning started flashing and it's thunderous boom cracked above. I must have really pissed him off and tried to figure out what it was that I said, as per usual some of my statements made to or with my father resulted in the lightning bolts slung from Mt. Olympus. That was our relationship - he the sandpaper and I the rough stone. Friction aside, we were friends and he listened to me, not always with approval, but he listened. If enough sandpaper is applied to a rough stone it shall one day come out shiny and polished. He always said that if there was ever a problem that I should come to him, I wished I would have started earlier, listening wasn't always my strong point.

The violent winds ceased and reduced to gusts. I shared with him some news of my life that I really wanted him to experience. It is with great sadness that he physically will not be able to be there, but he will be there. It was nice to share with him and he didn't have much to say about it which was even better. The plants had been planted and the three flowers in the center to represent his three wonderful sons were set. As if to say that he approved of everything rain drops came from the sky as if to wash away the anger and let me know that things begin with a seed only to bloom. Life.

The anniversary of his death is coming up on the 24th and I just wanted to let him know that his sons and his magnificent wife loves him very much. I will return on Tuesday to make sure everything is everything and to plant the flower for my mother. The one that stands tall and endures the tests of time only to show it's resilience and beauty to all that come across her.


  1. Much love and support to you on this day of remembrance, K.

  2. Good Boy.



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