Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My foreign affairs...

The Diplomatic Enclave
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Today I spent the day at the house in Islamabad watching old Rishi Kapoor music videos from the 70's Bollywood era. It surprises me as to how modern and cutting edge the leading ladies were. I find them to be much more attractive than the ladies of today's Bollywood movies for they had no need for make up. One song stood out from all of them and I have committed myself to having this be my first song that I am able to perform in my mother tongue. The first lines of the song translated are, "I am no poet. But upon seeing your beauty I speak in poems." The simple nature of the statements are wise beyond measure. The simplicity of the poetry sung makes it all that more intriguing to learn, not to mention I've finally understood that running around a tree is indeed romantic ;)

Ah, the lounging was over and mid afternoon hit. I had only one task to complete and that was to head to the Diplomatic Enclave and visit the Indian High Commission to see where my application was. The apparent concern with my application was the exit visa stamp. How could it pose a problem? They gave me an exit visa, otherwise I'd be quite uncomfortable in a jail cell. So... again I will have to call the High Commissions in Toronto. They have sent my application there for some reason and since being sent twice to them I have yet to hear anything in due course ;)

There was a light that shone bright and beautiful in my day however. I ventured back over to the bus stand to wait for the 'diplomatic express'. Only one other gentlemen was waiting for it. He sported an English accent and we began to jest about our situations. He explained his dilemma and I, mine. That's what you do in the embassy, find another to empathize and sympathize with, or so it seems - this one's name was Anthony ;) He shared with me that forty five years to being present in this moment he had travelled around the world in a Land Rover with one of his comrades. Started off from the UK and traversed Europe onwards to the middle east and eventually through Pakistan and into India; onwards to the South Pacific and ferried the vehicle to Canada and commenced his cross Rockies and Canada tour. He even knew about Saskatoon since he had made it a pit stop. What a wonderful man and his stories were magnified by the absolutely sharp recollection of what transpired. We sat on the bus together and continued the exchange of traveller's notes, information and it turns out he's a lecturer in the tourism industry and is a certified worldy tourist guide.

This man's presence in my day made every bad thing seem right. It didn't matter anymore what was going on because it was supposed to be going on. Just being able enjoy his company for that half of an hour was a blessing.

Thank you Anthony and I wish that everything works out, you met your daughter and had a nice bed waiting for you ;) You are in my thoughts and prayers.

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