Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday's slow roll...

My only goal today was to remain in my pajamas for the duration of the day. It is officially past the midnight hour in these neck of the woods so I'm going to have to report back that the mission was successfully accomplished.

I procured a copy on digital versatile disc of Ghost Rider and Perfume when I was at the market the other day. Ghost Rider is based off of a Marvel comic premise that looked like a sound investment for the motion, picture and sound. Near the end of this picture, the sound was lost. In that moment where the motion was no more, I was lured into a trap in the living room. My hair was straightened, yes straightened. You ask how can this be? After two hours of hair ironing and detangling the hair was straight, well, looked more like the troll doll you'd find at the end of an HB pencil in sixth grade, but straighter nonetheless. After this a full treatment of mustard seed oil was doused into my salad and was ready to marinate. And marinate it did. I have to admit looking myself in the mirror gave me flashbacks of a seventies Detroit pimp soaking up a storm. Past lives are hard to shake I guess ;)

From there I wandered back to my computer and began organizing files and appropriating them according to their purpose and content. Eventful, I know... but so calming. In that calmness I was completely distracted towards some artistic en devours that led me playing and experimenting myself into great exercise.

Oh, let's see what came next in this hectic day... umm... then I made way to the world wide internet. The patience that I was exhibiting impressed me. You really take some things for granted. For example, checking your email is as effortless as to inhale, whereas here you're fighting to even exhale. The pollen count of norm is approximately 160 per cubic meter and in Islamabad right now it's 1,260 per cubic meter, I wasn't kidding about breathing. It takes me twenty minutes just to log into my email account. Time like these I have my back in Canada moments. A great exercise in my own patience.

I talked to the sunshine today. I don't know if you've ever had the chance to speak before, but I wish that everyone once in their lives could share a finely balanced moment of sunshine and moonlight. It is quite an experience and makes your temperature rise. Give it a whirl, get out in the sun.
"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." ~Dr. Suess
The evening progressed and then came the moment of make it or break it pajama day. I had finished eating and felt the need for a walk to off set the enormous portions of oil and meat I've been served these past couple of months. I had to change, or did I? I switched my top for a t shirt and kept the bottoms. I managed to keep on my pajamas. I set of into the dust and pollen and clicked about with my chappals. Amazing that I was walking along and felt someone behind me, but when I turned around no one was there ; ) Beautiful neighborhood where my cousin lives, well to do area that's safe at night for women and children to walk about in without any precursors. I came across two gents leaning up against a pole lampin' just having a conversation in the middle of the street. Then came the miscellaneous little shops that were open along the main roads. Back into the residential areas and this is where I found something of interest happen to me. I must be starting to look like a desi (local) because a taxi pulled up and asked me for directions ;) Headed back and met with the end of the initial lamp post conversation that began the walk. Just two guys hanging out, one can't go too far from home so the other walks over to his house. They cross the street so their conversation isn't within their parental unit's ears or any aunti ji's aren't eavesdropping. It was a swimmingly fantastic evening in Islamabad.

It was nice to slow my roll and have a slow simmer on a lazy, mazy Friday.


  1. No photos of the hair all straight?!

  2. On their way up... with extreme patience ;)


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