Sunday, April 22, 2007

Head for the hills...

The Pakistan Transports...
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Just a quick note about my excursion over the weekend. I headed for Murree and Nathia Gali. My first time to visit Murree, a hill station. Beautiful setting in the hills and valleys full of tourists from all over Pakistan. From romantic excursion filled with feeding each other ice cream to families just getting away from the city to enjoy good company, good chai and good scenery. We left late on Saturday and the way to Murree along the twisty and winding roads was filled with transport trucks. I have now a new passion of taking pictures of these beautifully decorated moving shrines.

This family excursion was fun for I was now transformed into Chachu Khayyam (Uncle). I handled children with love and care, shared in silliness and experienced family excursions in Pakistan. The road trip means something a little different around these parts and I truly do enjoy them. I look forward to many to come.

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