Sunday, February 22, 2009

Love me some of that Helvetica

I continually find more and more wonderful typographic treatments in my perusals of the interwebs. Especially since the installment of #typeThurs (formerly known as #typographyThursday) my link pool has grown two-fold.

Graham Smith aka @imjustcreative has another website which is a dedication to all things Helvetica, . And since doing so I think everyone is Helvetica crazy. From special Moleskine editions to coffee mugs. Helvetica is making a comeback! That is if Helvetica had ever gone away which it hasn't, just a little more popular than usual in some realms.

Below is the next level of typographic mashups. For me type had this permanence to it. It's been letter pressed, silk screened or printed and now it comes alive with the accompaniment of a wonderfully timed soundtrack. Here for your viewing pleasure is a dance of one of the classiest cats out there, Mr. Miedenger ;)

Flickermood 2.0 from Sebastian Lange on Vimeo.

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