Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Hero Factory

I was surfin' along minding my own business, opening up email, sending tweets, when all of a sudden the sounds of an old arcade game that I've played a million times starts playing into the silent surroundings. What is that tune?! And then I realize it's not an old arcade MIDI sound, rather, it's actually a song. I Need A Hero. How fitting ;)And so I *had* to go in and create what I would want to become as a superhero. There were a lot of options and I'm sure to go back and make some more! Here's what I quickly came up with:

General Flying Condor wouldn't be my first pick, actually my first pick sans wings allowed me to be Afro Man which I should have kept. Oh well, it's bookmarked and I'm sure I'll revisit it once in a while.

I'd suggest a visit yourself. Have a go at it & see what you create ;)

The Hero Factory

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