Sunday, February 08, 2009

Best Airline Complaint Ever Written

via GiggleSugar

The following complaint letter to Continental Airlines kvetching about being seated next to the lavatory can only be described as "epic." You can practically smell those yucky blue toilet chemicals that are supposed to make bathroom stench go away but instead intensify the stink. Complete with drawings and writing that Dostoevsky would have tipped his hat to, this letter is also freaking hilarious. I like to call it Notes From Above the Ground. Enjoy.

The funniest 7 page complaint letter I've ever read. I was in tears! And could barely read it... took me ten minutes in between laughter. I could just imagine this guy sitting in this seat writing out this letter with vehement vigour.


  1. lol i've actually sat right there by the toilet bowl . . . lol not pleasant at all

  2. Lovely the way he/she complain is best i m sure after this complain company do start giving cheap flights from any where of the world.


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