Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Oil change...

So I decided to sign up for a cleanse workshop. I paid money not to eat ;) The way it works is that you taper yourself off of solid foods for four days and totally liquid for another four days and the following four days you taper back on to solid food one group at a time. I met some beautiful people who were all drawn to make the commitment to cleansing their temples - body, mind and soul. I learned lot of new things about the body, some deep insights and new experiences.

Did you know that chewing gum is a practice that one should not have? The chewing motions begin to tell the body to salivate as to wash down whatever food is coming down and then the digestion machine starts up. Well, since there is no food coming the engines are running as if you were in a parked car raising your carbon footprint.

One thing that happens during the cleanse is that your metabolism slows right down to speed of a slug on a good day. That leaves you without the ability to, well, 'evacuate'. It is advised at that point in the cleanse to seek out a colonic. Yes, that's what it is. I had never had one and the thoughts that shuffled through my visions created this aversion to having someone insert anything into thy holiest. My alternatives were to buy a kit and fiddle around on me own undercarriage or to drink two liters of salt water and spend the afternoon paying homage to the porcelain god. I weighed my options and decided that to regain the freedom to evacuate was well worth the new experience.

Just before my appointment I dropped in on a friend of mine and discussed with him my afternoon plans. This brought up an interesting conversation ;) Ever heard of a coffee enema?! I hadn't so I had to ask. Apparently, you brew up some coffee and let it cool down a bit, then proceed to reroute the pipeline to your backside and let go of it at some point in time. The story I was told of was about a young lady that performed this task on a daily basis and a mild intervention needed to be had. Could you imagine being part of that coup to overthrow the addiction to coffee enemas?! ;) I was surprised, shocked and confused all at the same time as I covered my gaping open mouth.

So after getting my oil changed I felt fantastic, a little lighter and a little brighter ;) It was a strange experience sharing what I would consider 'alone time' and one very private act with some stranger who shoved something where the sun don't shine. Almost feels strange paying for such things ;)

All in the name of good health and good movements ;)

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