Friday, March 23, 2007

Vhich where to go...

My canvas from a window...
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I'm ripping down the motorway towards Nowshera. Bhangra remixed and banging out of the tiny 6x9 speakers attached to the cassette deck. The whistling background noise of metallic tape hissing with the moving scenery was a symphony long forgotten to me. The sun falls on the warm ground and coats the sky with aliveness with the grim contrast of the horizon hazed over with dust and exhaust fumes.

The plan was unexpected. I was heading to Lahore on a 1am all nighter. Instead I'm rolling with some family to go meet some more family. The magnificence of Pakistan is amplified by this day declared as Pakistan Day, the day of The Lahore Resolution. The handshakes and hugs of camaraderie exchanged filled the passenger seat window, my picture, my show, my movie. Lorries hurtling down the road looking like lushes going out on the town seeking attention. Chains dangling and dingling, and talk about make up... these trucks are done up with layers of paint and to top it all off, a great horn. One lorry was said to be spotted in my travels with 18 horns laying with the under carriage. They range from the jungle inhabitants like elephants or birds, bad pre-polymorphic ring tones and then there are those ones that don't even have to have to do anything, they just drive and everyone gets out of the way, they are beautiful. Respect.

Currently passing by an area called Wah makes me thing of the meaning of wah, which is amazing or impressive. Driving past this beautiful scene with the sun slowly resting behind mountain shadows, all of it deep with dust and dryness. Their is the odd courageous patch of greenery that dares make the sacrifice as I look up and the peaking rays of light streaming across the sky towards Wah. Wah, wah! ;)

Everyone flowing along their days with their long kurta's catching the wind and dancing with exuberance. Sonia Lagda is playing on the cassette deck which translates to roughly "Looking beautiful". I thanked the music, looked out the window and listened to the whistle horn of a big lorry heading into the sunset hitting me up with an Amen! ;)

Bil qul sonia lagda... khubsurat hay.

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