Sunday, March 04, 2007

How many fool muns?

I left Lahore at one in the morning to start my journey north to arrive at Rawalpindi at half five, again, in the morning. I tried to sleep in the reclined chairs but the back pains experienced didn't allow for any kind of slumber. So departing the bus and looking up to the sky I witnessed something that completely bewildered me. Time seemed to have slipped past me. The night before I remember gazing up to the sky in all it's wonder, the ground beneath me well lit with the fullness of the 8th full moon since my departure. Tonight I was only seeing a sliver of the moon and was completely perplexed with where the time went. Was I on the bus for more that six hours, was it six days? Where am I? I had no explanation and when I don't have one, I usually just accept it for what it is - a crescent moon.

What I was informed of later is that it was a lunar eclipse of the full moon. A time where there is a shielding of energy and a time of darkness. I imagine if one was to be born on such a day that they would have all the energy and light of the moon stored in them awaiting the day that they could accept it and shine light upon a midnight ground and light the way ;)

The one thing about the crescent moons that I have witnessed while being in this part of the world is they are not the same as when I'm in Canada. In Canada it is the familiar sight of seeing the crescent at a slant, the Dreamworks studio introduction to all their movies, you know, the kid with the fishing pole sitting in the arc of the moon. Here, the crescent resembles the Cheshire Cat smiling in the sky and soon after his body should materialize, thank goodness for creative visualization ;) It brings me to a world of Alice and just refreshes my memory and allows me to go further down the rabbit hole.

'How far down the rabbit hole are you willing to go?'

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