Saturday, March 24, 2007

One way, or the other...

You're never alone. I've heard it so many times and it's true, you are never really alone. But you can be lonely. And that's the feeling I got last night as I felt my mother sitting in her seat aboard a non stop plane to Toronto. She was stuck in her head, conjuring up thoughts. I know what that feels like and can recognize it in others and that's why I felt it.

To venture off from your familiarity and set off on a journey requires courage to begin with. Eventually you have to go back and there lies the struggle of the entire journey. How to do you go back after experiencing this world? Take the love, the experiences and lessons and apply them to your life as it once existed? It's never the same. My mother spent two months with family that loves her to no ends, met with a family she hasn't seen in 50 years, reunited with her baby boy, and now she was going back to Canada to an empty and lonely home. I told her why I thought it was necessary for her to experience the last year the way she was and how I was. I am honored that I was born to such a resiliently strong woman, it's not a surprise, my grandmother was amazingly the same, if not more. It's tough not only seeing your mother and what she goes through, but to actually feel her while she experiences. That is tough to stomach.

Returning home will be more difficult than leaving in the first place. The courage that is needed to face the world you previously existed in as a completely different person. Can one escape and not succumb to returning to what they once were? The collective experiences of a traveler on average is quite hard to believe. I'm not traveling, I'm a traveler. When you give up the need to stay in accommodations that have stars attached to them and opt for the ones that have no electricity, and surrender to existing contently where you are, then you are a traveler. And the experiences you have will fuel imagination. You'll be able to conjure memories from a mere picture, word, phrase, song or simply a thought. They have all been energetic exchanges. With the people, the places, the cities, the stars, the universe. All of it is just an exchange. I have gained experiences and a new perspective but they don't all necessarily have to take place in some pilgrimage across India on a motorbike, they can take place in your place of residence. Travel is a perspective in which you choose to see what you want to see. You can travel 20km outside or your dwelling and you will have traveled. Pack a picnic basket, hit the road and just go. Unpack your basket and enjoy your surroundings.

I have been having a picnic for sometime ;) There is another world out there that I have left and need to return to. With that, I will take my experiences and travel where ever I am.

The journey will continue to display the unpredictability of energetic exchange.



  1. It's nice seeing a number of new posts all at once... for a while, all I kept on seeing was the March 6th post! Your travels are infinitely inspiring... when (if) I ever get the chance, oh that I could travel the lands of my ancestry and beyond like you! Usually whenever I visit back, much of the time is spent catching up with family but it would be nice to see beyond the archipelago that my parents' families call home.

    When do you return to Saskatoon? In time for the Junos? Perhaps not?

    Safe travels, my friend, safe travels.

    P.S. I like the photo you use for your MySpace. Saw it when approving people for both the band and Mr. V. ;)

  2. I've been writing in the computer as of late offline and saving the dates that these events occur on. Then when I finally get a good connection I pop them up. March 6th was a day I chose to simplify and cut out unnecessary energy.

    It turned out great and you'll never really shut me up... so here you go.

    If I've inspired one person then life is grand and I'm full of accomplishments... ;)


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