Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Greatness of Saturn...

Ramanajun wrote in the preface of his book Folktales from India:
Stories and words not only have weight; they also have wills and rages, and they can take differenet shapes and exact revenge against a person who doesn't tell them and release them into the world.... They are there before any particular teller tells them; they hate it when they are not passed on to others, for they can come into being again and again only in that act of translation. A book such as this is motivated by such a need. If you know a tale, you owe it not only to others but to the tale itself to tell it; otherwise it suffocates.... Traditions have to be kept in good repair, transmitted, or else, beware, such tales seem to say, things will happen to you. You can't hoard them.
(Ramanajun 1991, pp. xxx-xxxi)


  1. Hello, "Bruzher"
    Hope you are well.
    Haven't visited your blog in a while. Nice writin'.
    Take care of your health. I've been quite sick the last month and it is no fun.
    Congratulations on getting your rupees back from the merchant.

    If you steal, you are dishonest and guilty. Another muslim can cut your hand off if you steal. Is the muslim who cuts the hand off guilty of anything? I thought Islam was about peace, understanding, enlightenment and knowledge. Cutting another's limb off is so violent and disrespectful to the body (which belongs to Allah and cannot be mistreated). Oh, the conundrums in life. Hypocracy seems to be the best approach: "If somebody steals from you, forgive him...if someone steals from me, I'll kill him."


  2. AoA Gibrahzer ;)

    When we show signs of illness or fatigue it is just the body alerting us to take it easy or adjust our lifestyle. Take heed, please don't ignore it, it is the only thing that will speak the truth to you unconditionally.

    It would be dishonest to ignore your body's warnings and only thoughts of guilt will remain. Indeed, it is a violent and disrespectful way to treat the body, your form in this existence, your shrine. But alas, our bodies take the bottom of our priorities, responsibilities and care.

    Hypocrisy describes a disregard, a deception or lack of sincerity, right? Someone who steals and warns others not to start is not a hypocrite, but someone who condemns all theft and secretly steals is a hypocrite. Failing to do what one believes to be right is not hypocrisy. We as individuals, are more likely to explain our own actions based on our circumstances or environment, yet we attribute the actions of others to innate characteristics, which lead us to judge others while justifying our own actions.

    I know it was a humorous statement and it did make me laugh, but on a serious note, we don't have the healthiest blood running through our veins, now do we? Please listen to what your body is telling you, make some adjustments. I love you too much for you not to.


  3. Thank you for this.

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