Saturday, November 15, 2008

Yes, I am a typophile...

I've been a typography whore since my elementary school days of ordering from Scholastic Books and my favorite and first of all time, The Lettering Book (Noelle Morris, 1988). Amazon has the book listed for one new version at $218.46?! - far from the $6.95 I once paid. I tried finding an image of it and the only one in Google images' existence I found was on which led me to the article that it resided within: A SURVEY: What was your first book about typography?

Through an another excellent article Five Simple Steps to better typography, written by Mark Boulton. In the depths of his site I found this absolute gem of a short film. Now this is how I'm would cherish spending time with my son or daughter, kicking back, sharing brushstrokes and creating typefaces. From my calculations, that is a five year old kid with a solid stroke and a brilliantly genius way of seeing the world. Inspiring on so many levels...

(via mark boulton)
a video by Job & Roel Wouters
recorded in Amsterdam at studio Xelor early 2008

Hand 1: Gradus W. Wouters, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 2003
Hand 2: Job Wouters, Leiden, the Netherlands, 1980

Director: Roel Wouters

Director of photography: Sal Kroonenberg
Music: Rik Elstgeest & Bo Koek
Production asst: Ton de Munck

notes from the director:

‘Job and Gradus are both ambitious concerning letters. Spontaneous jam sessions in our studio inspired us to make this film about the fun drawing letters’
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