Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I chose to wait until I was aboard a train to start writing about my last month in turmoil in New Delhi. I thought it was fitting to write my analysis en route to the motherland just after the attack on the Delhi-Atari "Friendship" Train.

I have spent the last month running back and forth trying to simply exit the country. Unfortunate for me, I have Pakistani visas in my passport which immediately gave concern. What should have take under two weeks was stretched out to an entire month. I had met many a people in need of an exit visa and gaining them within a week and one even received hers in less than a few days. The reasons for my tardy exit visa was that there were intensive investigations, inquiries and insults. I had been thwarted to the bottom of the pile waiting days just to receive a letter. There are some issues I have with all that transpired. I do not hold any grudges, need to complain or any such thing - I'm indifferent. You see, on one hand I have to admit that they are doing their job and researching the possibilities of any threats. At least I know that someone is doing their job. Although they have wasted investigations and countless of hours of probing, I am free and clear to leave the country. One problem. Since the delays and changing my flight four times, I pushed my luck. The next available date that I could get a confirmed seat on was the first week in March. Tried the direct Delhi to Lahore bus company, also sold out. So, I ended up on a train to Amritsar only to make the journey to Wagha, the border station, once again. I had previously attempted to exit the country only to be turned back to Delhi to enjoy countless hours of watching my nails grow and hair turn white. This attempt I am legally permitted to exit India and enter Pakistan (limited time offer, exit visa expires today).

The last month has been a blessing in human nature. Traveling allows you to interact with people and then be able to walk away with an exchange. Being in Delhi for an extended period of time has allowed me to form friendships and meet new acquaintances. Amazing people that have open their hearts and doors to me. The absolute love that can come from a human being is always catching me by surprise.

I had a day where I just overpayed everyone for services rendered. There are so many occurrences of me ignoring the needs of human beings and so I decided to reflect another image. I decided to connect with each human being as they were. No castes, no superiority, just one
human being to another - eyes locked.

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