Saturday, February 10, 2007

60 degrees of separation...

I was informed that it was a mind blowing -40 degrees centigrade in my good old hometown of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The temperature in New Delhi at the time was +20 degrees. That's an astounding 60 degrees of separation!

I know I've existed in and through the wicked winter months previously but I just don't know if I could handle it after being accustomed to the tropical climate of India. I'm shivering and caught a cold here because 20 is freezing. I've always been asked by locals, "How do you survive?" which I respond to the 45 degree weather enduring folk "How do you survive?"

I have to admit that I am so glad that I am not under feet and feet of snow. I don't think I can come back till the leaves are green and there is no snow. Even then it will be difficult for me to come back;) But if there is a sunflower in my path then it will be all that much better and home might feel like home.

Here's to the 'Land of the Living Skies'...

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