Friday, December 22, 2006

Happy Christmas and Merry New Year

Season's greetings to all. I have made it to Gokarna, home to Namaste, Paradise, Om and Kudli Beaches. I have no idea that it is the holiday season. No reindeer, no Santa and most importantly... no snow.

I'm managing with nursing my injuries back to health but it is an arduous task. What makes it so difficult is dealing with everything by myself. I'm not going to discount the efforts made on every one's part to help me out, but what I'm saying is that without the love and caring that I am usually surrounded by, it makes things difficult.

I was crestfallen this morning upon waking up and for the first time while travelling I no longer wanted to be here. I know I just have to get through the next couple of days and I will be surrounded by those people I've met along the way.

As for my plans for New Years... I have none and quite honestly after reading an email last night I have no desire whatsoever to be in the area that I'm in. I have a few options: Bangalore (but both people I know there are not available), Hampi (Doctor's place) and Mumbai (Shekhar whom I met in Benares). So it appears that my inauguration to 2007 will be spent with, myself and eye. Someone told me once that the way you start your year is how the year will unfold - interesting. To top it all off I have no visa to enter Pakistan again so that means I have to get a visa before the 17th of January - which means Delhi. My mother is coming to Pakistan on the 19th so it will be nice to be amongst momness and familial love.

For right now... I've shed tears, frustrations and am tired and weak. A nice little hello to lift spirits might be in order... I know I'm the one that usually does it... but today I'm asking for a little bit of help and a kind word.

The holiday season is usually when all of us get together with long lost friends, loves and family. I'm definitely missing that aspect of Toon right now. I had a great telephone call yesterday and it was the first time I remembered what I have in Canada. I miss you all and Genvieve... thank you for being on the other end of that phone.

madLove from India.
~k xxo


  1. I hope your recovery continues to go well, K! I'm really digging your Goan photos, though what happened to the camera?

    I also think it's cool that some of your Goa photos have a mention of Kerala... as Kerala is the same area that the parents of one of my dearest friends came from before coming to Canada. And since he's so fantastic, I know I have the culture of Kerala to thank for him. :)

    I'm glad you can still access the net... so we can all keep up on you and make sure you're well!

  2. Sorry to hear that you crashed and burned...OUCH!
    I know the feeling. Hope you get well soon. Remember, A)everybody loves you...Number 2)you are famous...and C)they are gonna make a TV show about you.
    I told you that things always get better...ALWAYS.

  3. I stumbled upon your blog and I must say you resemble Lionel Ritchie alot .. has anyone told you this? ........... :)

    Anyways > Hope you know who this is .. :) Happy holidays & have a safe journey back.


  4. Groove: The recovery is going... and the camera, well it barely made it through the accident and that last shot... well, I turned off the camera and the lens won't open now. It's fixable...

    Gibrotha: Thanks for tuning in. a) I can't thank you enough for supporting me and sympathizing with me on this crazy journey 2) I love you and the rest of the Wakil Compound and iii) thank you for making me laugh.

    I've tried the house while you guys have been there but it seems that you're 'painting the town red'.

    I'll keep trying till I get through

    Kaushal: Long time yaar... Glad to know that you're down in San Fran as well. Guess that means I'm going to have to come down there on a motorbike journey ;)

    Good to hear from you and you can always catch me on my email:

  5. Gibran,

    Just talked to mom and hope that you're doing ok now. You're a tough guy... but not that tough. Take some time to heal and take care of yourself. You can get everything done later.

    Love you.


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