Thursday, December 14, 2006

Always wear clean underwear...

Do you remember your mom always asking you to make sure you always had clean underwear in case you ever got into an accident?! Well, let's just say it was a good thing I had clean underwear on.

I decided to end an argument between two cows with propelling my motobike into them at roughly 30-40 km/h. Yes, three's a charm - it was my third accident since owning the bike. First one leaving Pokhara in Nepal, the second outside of Bangalore, Karnatika and theis one outside of Panjim, Goa.

I am also glad that I wear gloves, helmet and full face coverage. I am as very lucky individual. Apparently I wasn't listening and this one had to leave me with an injury or two. The accident couldn't have happened in a better place (all things considered), ten meters in front of a hospital. I went in covered in dirt and blood. They cleaned the wounds and wrapped me up. Meanwhile, Oded and Nitsan (the two glorious gentlemen whom I shared sunrises, accidents, repair shops and many laughs) loaded my bike up on a truck and were taking it to the mechanics they knew in Mapusa. The x-ray technician wasn't 'in' today and the chemists (pharmacy) was closed for lunch. So, I did what any crazy person would and i jumped in the Tata hauling my bike for two and a half hours. Dropped off the bike finally and went to the Government hospital for treatment. After x-rays we learned of a radial fracture.

So I am planning to go to Hampi. I met a doctor on the plane from the Andamans to Chennai that offered up her home, family and food to me. It's better than going to the hospital here where there is no one to hold my hand ;)

All you worry-bodies out there - I'm fine. Just a scratch and the inconvenience of having a large plaster splint on my hand for a couple weeks. Could have been worse... I'm still smiling.


  1. hello,

    please see since you are planing to visit hampi


  2. K, I know there's no way I can be your mom (since you are older and all LOL) but reading this freaks me out! I'm ever thankful that at least you ended up near medical facilities though that 2+ hour trip couldn't have helped! I'm also glad that this time around you had some company when misfortune befell you unlike the time you got sick and were convalescing all by your lonesome!

    When do you get back to Canada? Are you coming back eventually?

    Still loving the photos, btw. And the "You Are Beautiful" post is great. :)

  3. My mother and dearest aunt are coming to Pakistan at the end of January and my Indian visa expires on the 17th of January. Visit there with family, share some stories over tea and let them laugh at all the Hindi I learned ;)

    So to round-about answer your questions, I'll clarify. I'm not sure when I will arrive in Canada but hopefully when the snow is gone. And yes, most definitely I am eventually coming back ;)

    Living vicariously through a self admitted nutcase can be entertaining at times...

    Thanks for all your momness ;)

  4. maybe you can get some sort of training wheels for your bike ;)

  5. Maybe you need a slap upside the head there Shaggs... or maybe some scooby snacks will do.

    bigLove brother.


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