Sunday, December 03, 2006


Well, well, well...

I've had my first (well, sort of) run in with the police. I found out today upon my arrival in Andaman that 5 C.I.D. (the equivalent to the C.I.A. of the US&A) officials conducted an investigation on me.

I was apparently followed for five days to determine whether or not I was a threat to the general public. They followed me from Port Blair to Havelock Island.

You're probably asking yourselves, "What did you do this time?"

This time... I'm innocent ;)

Somehow the information reached local authorities that my parents were of Pakistani descent. It mattered none that I was a Canadian citizen and my parents have been in North America since the late 50's - nope, not one bit.

Apparently they came to the guest house with myriad questions. I was apparently suspect looking carrying around metal boxes and chains. These are from my motorcycle and are handy luggage to care for ones belongings. Although amongst the crack-down investigations team, the most flamboyant person to have come to Andaman Islands was indeed a terrorist.

This is really the first incident where I have had any difficulties with having Pakistani blood running through my veins. It's quite sad that the genius' down at the Indian Central Intelligency Department came up with this theory but if there are any 'boom' that transpires in the next little while... I'm the usual suspect.


  1. It was bound to happen. You are destined for fame and notoreity one way or another ;)

  2. You are never bored man! I'm happy to know that, even though you are blacklisted (it sounds good, you're a "hard boy"...)you are ok! Hoping no bombs for a long time... Kisses from Barcelona

  3. Just wait for the interviews when you get back. Publish another entry, or give mom a call, to let us all know things are fine and you're back on the Road To...


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