Wednesday, September 22, 2010

That Empire State of Mind

Upon my arrival in New York, well, technically Newark, I was comforted and greeted with the smell of poo. Yes, poo, baby poo to be precise. I was riding the AirTrain into the city and no one was any where near me to have made such a stink. It was just the frequent fragrance of a city and funny enough, it was comforting and welcoming. I had returned.

Within minutes of being infused with Penn Station's energetic vortex, musical instruments vibrating off the rafters and Bob Marley renditions accompanying those musical notes, it was the warmth and electricity I had missed. Which opened up my insights into an observation between my time in New York and Los Angeles.

"If Los Angeles is phony and pretentious,
New York is real and raw."

This was based from another saying that that girl shared with me, which probably suits it better:

"Los Angeles is like a teflon frying pan,
while New York is a cast iron one."

There is something authentic and true that rings out in New York. Not saying that all people in LA are shallow and surface orientated, but I'm not saying that many are not :)

At first opportunity, made a B-line to Central Park. Often I find solutions in nature-like settings, something about bodies of water and greenery. The leaves of the trees sway back and forth communicating decades of wisdom through the oldest telephone lines in existence. There aren't enough times that one can visit this magical place.

My mission today was to walk up to Harlem and get my olive oil based leave in hair solution that one can only acquire in the beauty shops in Harlem :) As I exited the park and walked Across 110th Street, lo and behold, a certain individual decided he was starring in a Spike Lee movie as Samuel Jackson, clip is below:

Biggest lesson learned today, "Keep Calm, Walk On and Plan Three Moves Ahead"

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