Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Social Mediaocrity

And is everyone out there practicing safe teen sex? Not so much. And if you are engaging in unprotected and authentically transparent social spaced relationships with your friends, then you are bound to succumb to a Socially Transmitted Dis-Ease, STD for short.

When I first started hanging around social media types I found them to be very negative. They'd take a product, service or concept and upon hearing it, rip it to shreds. Thought to myself, "Dang, self, that's such a negative approach to someone sharing something with you, isn't it?". Then I realized that it wasn't done with any intention to harm or judge, just the way of the (self appointed) social media expert. This is just one of the many symptoms of an STD.

When it comes to choosing a 'social media' partner, you want one that has experience and confidence to tackle the task at hand. There is no need in seeking out the fumbling fools that fold under pressure or the one's that talk up a big game and when it comes to performance, often fall flat of the mark. Finding that balance within the tumultuous Social Space takes experience, hard work and a dedication to honing one's talents.

It's easy to spread the Dis-Ease amongst your twitter rendez vous, that retweeting function creates a viral spread quite easily and don't get me started with the abusive #hashtagging that these kids do these days. From one to the other and on to the next, the Dis-Ease spreads none being the wiser. It's often the mediocrity of the collective experiences that leave successful victories of galant social media endevours leaving smiles on people's faces. It shines in the sea of mediaocrity. That's why Old Spice rings true and one can easily respond to all of it's glory with simply, "They Get It".

You do know that Social Media is just a made up word, right? How is it not social to begin with and where is the media part?! It should be aptly renamed Social Toolology, the practice of Sociological theories mixed with the tools that help copulate and reproduce content with a side of marketing. Wait, that would be Social Tooliomarketology wouldn't it?! Wait, what?!

How big do you spread your feathers and stomp around and squawk? Thought so ;)

Regardless, everyone is doing it now, the best plan for action is to educate those that are sick or have contracted an STD already. Regular self examination should take place for unsightly url's and improper grammer usage in one's tweets. Those are the first warning signs to get tested and make sure you're STD free.

Think smart, don't retweet a tweet that you're involved with, you're spreading the wrong message.

Retweet safe and have fun.

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  1. fantastic article..self appointed social media experts...when the revenue from advertising started shrinking advertising agencies overhyped one more concept to which they have fell pray to...


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