Thursday, November 16, 2006

The islands blues...

There is something magical about this little corner of the world. Again I find myself amongst the world travelers seeking quiet, beaches and sun. Everyone has their story, some of which I am still finding out on a daily basis. I have found myself pulling at myself in all directions. I am torn from my practice and am just existing - existing in paradise doing not much of anything really. It's quite like it is at home and the daily rituals. I am struggling to find something here on this island. It's around the corner for I have seen the clues the verse has left on my way to this way.

I am completely starved for words to express the funk that I'm transitioning through. I have yet to seek out my own solace in surroundings. It is necessary that I do so immediately. I am writing this down just to remind myself. I've been stuck in thought and my mind can weave the most interesting patterns. Too busy trying to plot, scheme and plan my upcoming days, weeks and months. I come up with a complete blank - this is the way of India.

No schedule, no plans, no anything. The chaos of spontaneity and lazy life has lost it's luminous luster. I feel like the sterling tea set that's been left out, victim of neglect coated in a black tarnish that no one is willing to take the time to polish. No one is right, there is only me, myself and eye.


  1. Keep your spirits up, brother. I can relate. In many ways I am reminded of the famous quote, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times". You must remember that things ALWAYS get better. ALWAYS. And remember that the journey IS the destination (I read that on a haulmark card). Travel safely and trust your instincts.

  2. ilove you. mama loves u 2

  3. I am enjoying your adventure alot ,hope you will find all the answers and peace you are looking for ,i am still enjoying tai-chi a lot ,we are doing different styles .Harry is doing,hugs and prayers as always love Villy

  4. Gibran...

    I can't tell you how nice it is to hear from you and know that you are there to support me. I'm sure you think I'm a spoiled brat and need to get some priorities straight - I am. I love you and I don't tell you enough.

    I'm also glad you're spending your time wisely reading great literature ;)

    All my love and hope that Thanksgiving was a festive family occasion.

    I love you and please pass on my love to the rest of the 'Wakil Compound'

  5. I love you too and I'm glad to hear that mama loves me as well.

    In love and light...

  6. Villy,

    Glad to hear tai-chi is going smoothly. I haven't practicing on a regular basis, but I did manage to do some on the beach at sunrise a few days when I was on Havelock Island.

    Send my love to the class and let them know I still wear my smile bright and big.



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