Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Floetic lucidity...

I travelled to Pakistan in the month of May. Upon arriving I had to face many challenges. Among those challenges was the emergence of my powerful and intense lucid dreaming. I had never experienced something so real. Reminds me of "Am I a butterfly dreaming I am a person? Or a person dreaming I am a butterfly?"

There was one dream that stood out and upon waking I immediately began scratching down what I spoke:


You are the wind that found me
lying on the drought infested earth.
And carried me along on a journey
from one land to the next,
until I found a home amongst fertile land.

With the sun and the moon as my care givers,
the raindrops as my nourishment, you
provided me with everything I needed.

I was never alone.

This proved to be the ideal
environment for me to grow.
Now in front of you exists a
garden perfumed of flowers..

All of which was never possible
without the wind and courage.

In this incredibly lucid dream I spoke words, the oddity is that I was speaking Urdu and woke up and wrote it down in English. I couldn't even attempt at trying to recite this poem in Urdu now if my life depended on it. But in my unconscious gamma state I managed to be completely fluent in a language I am only beginning to gain confidence in.

There is a reason that courage was found and I will always be grateful to the 'mazing soul that helped me see what was always there. Thank you.

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  1. In simple terms, if one has a dream and they’re actually aware of the fact that they’re dreaming, then that is known as a lucid dreaming.


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