Monday, July 02, 2007

Two ferr seven three six five...

It's raining it's pouring, the old man is snoring...

It's not that bad really, the rain I mean. It could be worse, up to my knee caps in rain in Mumbai ;) That's definitely worse. So I'm thinking of skipping over Mumbai on the way back to Delhi. Yes that's right, I'm going back to Delhi. The bike is being shipped tomorrow and then I will be shipped myself the following day.

Spending a day at the mechanic's shop you get to meet what's left of the Enfield owners in these areas. This is the ultimate source of information. I found out everything I needed to know to decide what I should ultimately do. And that is to hang out in Delhi and sell my bike to some lucky traveller destined to Manali or Ladakh. These are the best areas to be in India at the moment.

It was overwhelming at first to have to deal with all these things again but it's like riding a bike ;) Everything is flowing naturally and taking it's intended course. It's interesting to see the pieces fall into place and having it be so familiar that it was almost like you have seen it already.

Oh by the way if anyone plays the lottery I'd get a quick pick and then choose 3 11 19 24 31 32.

Guaranteed smile ;)

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