Monday, October 09, 2006

I've seen Mount Everest...

I woke up this morning on the side of a mountain top in Nagarkot, Nepal. It is approximately two hours out of Kathmandu. Miles away, the clouds blocked my view of the Himalayan range with the exception of the highest place in the world breaking through to receive it's nourishing rays of sunlight. There is much to be told of my journey from Rishikesh to Nepal, but I will not go into detail just yet. I am exhausted after trekking and looking forward to going back to Pokhara where life is a little bit more relaxed and easy going.


  1. hello mister,
    your mother and I are reviewing your adventure. Looks like you having good time. Don't forget to bring sweets.
    Gibran and Mom

  2. Sometimes it is at your weakest point that you find the most strength. What a beautiful sight it must have been.
    Love and light... yes its me this time.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving K... travel safe!

  4. I've got a whole suitcase with sweets and naan all tied up with string that's overweight and will cost extra to smuggle on to the plane ;)
    Perspective within sights.
    And thank you very much... Happy Turkey day to all.


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